How to play Tingly Bubble Shooter game to get maximum score

Tingly Bubble Shooter was created by game creator Coolgames. The attraction of this game lasted and it was raised to a new level. Then this game was developed further and released many different versions that improved a lot to better suit the development of the times. Tingly Bubble Shooter is attractive to all ages from children to adults who love to play it.

In the past, people only played bubble shooting games on computers or in arcades, but today with the advancement of science and technology, this game is available on phone devices and can be played at any time, any place.

1. How to play Tingly Bubble Shooter

Because this is a game for all ages, surely the gameplay will be extremely easy. Players just need to know how to press the fire button and distinguish the colors, besides players also need to have logical thinking, careful calculation when performing bubble attacks.

Play Tingly Bubble Shooter

The task when playing the bubble shooter game is to destroy all the bubbles by shooting at clusters of bubbles of the same color to make them fall. Usually the player can only consume 3 to 4 bubbles at a time, but there are still cases where you can shoot a cluster or a chain related to each other. When playing the game, you find the bubble position to aim at and need to aim at the places where there are at least two bubbles of the same color as the bubble you aim. The ultimate goal of this game is to be able to shoot down all the bubbles on the screen.

If you do not shoot bubbles of the same color together to destroy it, the bubbles on the screen will appear more and more. When those bubbles fill the game screen, you will lose, so you need to plan carefully before shooting the ball.

2.How to get a high score in Tingly Bubble Shooter

Each game has its own mechanics and using them properly will bring victory to the player. Please refer to some tips for playing bubble shooting game below:

2.1. Make the most of your time to make the best decision

This game has no time limit, so players can take advantage of this to be able to come up with options and choose the most optimal plan to destroy the exact target. During the game, there will be unexpected situations such as 2 clusters of balls appearing and you do not know which one to destroy first. At this time, you need to consider carefully.

Remember there is no time limit so think carefully before making a decision, you should know that if your performance is below maximum, your satisfaction with the results will also be below maximum. .

2.2. Calculation to bouncing border

Use the outline of the ball to push the ball where you want it, there are challenges you can’t shoot directly in that position that need a bounce to do. For many new players, this feature may still be strange, when more experienced players will use it proficiently and set more scores.

2.3. Tactic to completely eliminate 1 color

Many people choose this strategy to completely remove 1 color, leaving the ball frame with fewer colors, then it will be easier to play and can be sure of winning in hand.

When using this strategy you will shoot the ball into areas that do not touch the strings to open up new spaces, giving the player a chance to completely destroy a certain color. This playing strategy is only for experienced players to guarantee 100% win. This will be a very useful strategy that you can apply when playing to win each challenge, but this way of playing requires luck when the balls are placed in the right position.Please consider and follow the developments in the game to make the right decision for how to play.

Through the above review, we have shared information about Tingly Bubble Shooter – the most classic bubble shooting game of all time. Besides, it also introduces readers to the secrets of how to play bubble shooter games to achieve a high score. Hope those things can help you in the process of playing the game.

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